I’m Luke, a first-year Politics student at the University of Liverpool, aspiring screenwriter and full-time political ranter.

Our world in the 21st century is a noisy place to live; a place of information overload and truth deficit. I started this blog in order to share my opinions on everything from politics to entertainment. Whether its a movie review or a political tirade, I aim to provide content in bitesize chunks, acting as a conduit via which you may cut through the complexity of today’s world.

When I’m not in a lecture or writing here, you’ll probably find me down at the pub with my friends, watching the Liverpool game, taking part in a pub quiz, or planning my next blockbuster.

NB: I’m an ex-member of the Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats. I play video games on a regular PS4 and am an avid Blu-ray collector. I use Slugline for my film-writing projects; Final Cut Pro X for editing, and the Affinity suite for pretty much everything else.